Shipping to USA

The Alliance has its USA based operations headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. This was established in 1986 and is now into its fourth decade of sea and airfreight multimodal services. So if you’re shipping to USA then look no further!

Alliance U.S. Headquarters

Have you suffered from the following problems when shipping to USA with your U.S. agents?

  • Late repatriation of funds collected (ie. freight duty & disbursements etc)
  • Varying rates of exchange used on the final remittance of those funds
  • Lost cargoes
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of data and feedback with updates of impending changes especially with duty rates F.M.C. regulations (ie.1984 Shipping Act and 1990 Bonding)
  • Poor or often non-existent marketing and sales capabilities
  • Promises made but never fulfilled
  • Chapter 11 “Retreat”

Leading the way

The U.S. office was primarily established to serve the brokerage and forwarding needs of The Alliance Group (U.K.).

It was the first U.K. freight forwarder to comply with the amended legislation contained within the 1984 Shipping Act and was subsequently the first forwarder in the U.K to file full freight tariffs with the Federal Maritime Commission in Washington along with an F.M.C.  N.V.O.C.C. bond valued at $50,000.00 ensuring security of tenure for its extensive customer base.

The Atlanta office has quickly grown to a self-sufficient entity handling sea and airfreight cargoes not only for Alliance U.K. but for over fifty worldwide agencies trading both into and out of the U.S.

It is managed by an experienced team of Anglo-American staff understanding and catering for the multifarious needs of its global trading partners.

Foreign Agents Representation

The Alliance Group was established initially to service the needs of the U.K. Group but has, as a result of its bias towards transferring senior U.K. management to run its U.S. interests, quickly gained a reputation for understanding the differing needs of Commonwealth and European shippers and freight forwarders many of whom had failed to secure the levels of service from their previously appointed U.S. on-site brokers and freight forwarders, and many of whom are now represented by Alliance when importing from and shipping to USA.

Many of Alliance’s existing global agencies have depressing stories of U.S. reciprocating agents who have failed abysmally in the performance of their duties – if you are one of these agencies and are looking for a U.S. service that is “par excellence” please contact us immediately.

U.S.A. On-site Representation
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Information Request

Contact the Alliance Group today to discuss your full shipping requirements with a member of our highly experienced staff call or email us direct on:

+44(0)1268 410211 Email us

Alliance is now in its fifth decade of operation a feat of longevity that only serves to underscore the integrity and professionalism of the Group and the high esteem in which it is held by its clients and suppliers both in the United Kingdom and on a worldwide basis.

  • Depots across the UK
  • Global network of over 200 reciprocating agencies
  • Extensive “blue chip” export and import client base

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