Shipping to the Far East

The sailing schedules herein represent the core services offered by the Alliance Group.

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Taiwan Updated: September 26 2018


VesselCloses Noon ThursSails from TaiwanFelixstowe
Thalassa Doxa 1004-022W04 OCT06 OCT10 NOC
Thalassa Avra 1005-023W11 OCT13 OCT17 NOV

Fuzhou / Xiamen Updated: September 26 2018


VesselCloses NoonSails from Fuzhou / XiamenFelixstowe
CSCL Globe 029W04 OCT06 OCT31 OCT
Uni-Ardent 1716-757B11 OCT13 OCT24 NOV

North China Updated: September 26 2018

From Shanghai to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon Sails from ShanghaiFelixstowe
CSCL Globe 029W29 SEP01 OCT31 OCT
Thalassa Doxa 1004-022W08 OCT10 OCT10 NOV

From Qingdao to Felixstowe

VesselCloses NoonSails QingdaoFelixstowe
Ever Uberty 0438-145S03 OCT05 OCT10 NOV
Cosco Shipping Libra 002W10 OCT12 OCT24 NOV
Ever Uberty 0440-146S17 OCT19 OCT21 NOV

From Ningbo to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon Sails NingboFelixstowe
Thalassa Tyhi 1003-022W30 SEP02 OCT03 NOV
Thalassa Doxa 1004-022W07 OCT09 OCT10 NOV
Thalassa Avra 1005-023W14 OCT16 OCT17 NOV

Southern China Updated: September 26 2018

From Hong Kong to Southampton

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongSouthampton
Ever Lifting 0961-020E05 OCT07 OCT04 NOV
Ever Loyal 0962-031E12 OCT14 OCT18 NOV

From Hong Kong to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongFelixstowe
Cosco Development 043E03 OCT05 OCT31 OCT

NOTE: The foregoing sailing dates are for imminent shipments, forward sailing dates are available upon request please call your local office or e mail

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