Shipping to the Far East

The sailing schedules herein represent the core services offered by the Alliance Group.

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Taiwan Updated: May 30 2017


VesselCloses Noon ThursSails from TaiwanFelixstowe
Thalassa Niki 0933-016W01 JUN03 JUN04 JUL
Thalassa Axia 0934-014W08 JUN09 JUN11 JUL
Thalassa Mana 0935-016W15 JUN17 JUN18 JUL
Thalassa Hellas 0936-020W22 JUN24 JUN23 JUL

Fuzhou / Xiamen Updated: May 30 2017


VesselClosesSails from Fuzhou / XiamenFelixstowe
CSCL Globe 023W31 MAY03 JUN29 JUN
Express Athens 002W07 JUN10 JUN06 JUL
CSCL Pacific Ocean 023W14 JUN17 JUN13 JUL
Cape Akritas 002W21 JUN24 JUN20 JUL

North China Updated: May 30 2017

From Shanghai to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon ThursSails from ShanghaiFelixstowe
Express Athens 002W01 JUN05 JUN06 JUL
CSCL Pacific Ocean 023W08 JUN13 JUN13 JUL
Cape Akritas 002W15 JUN20 JUL25 JUN

From Qindao to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon MonSails QindaoFelixstowe
Ital Lunare 0369-069S05 JUN07 JUN13 JUL
Ever Unity 0370-139S12 JUN14 JUN20 JUL
Ever Unison 0371-155S19 JUN21 JUN27 JUL

From Ningbo to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon SatSails NingboFelixstowe
CSCL Globe 023W27 MAY01 JUN29 JUN
Express Athens 002W03 JUN07 JUN06 JUL
Thalassa Mana 0935-016W10 JUN13 JUN16 JUL
Cosco England 019W17 JUN19 JUN25 JUL

Southern China Updated: May 30 2017

From Hong Kong to Southampton

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongSouthampton
CSCL Mars 045W30 MAY02 JUN13 JUL
Titan 0218-006W06 JUN09 JUN20 JUL
CSCL Star 050W13 JUN16 JUN27 JUL
CSCL Uranus 061W20 JUN23 JUN03 AUG

From Hong Kong to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongFelixstowe
CMA CGM Columba 083UPE30 MAY03 JUN29 JUN
OOCL Berlin 019E06 JUN10 JUN06 JUL
OOCL Malaysia 004E13 JUN17 JUN13 JUL
Cosco Development 037E20 JUN24 JUN20 JUL

NOTE: The foregoing sailing dates are for imminent shipments, forward sailing dates are available upon request please call your local office or e mail


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