Shipping to the Far East

The sailing schedules herein represent the core services offered by the Alliance Group.

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Taiwan Updated: September 28 2017


VesselCloses Noon ThursSails from TaiwanFelixstowe
Thalassa Elpida 0951-019W05 OCT07 OCT07 NOV
Thalassa Tyhi 0952-017W12 OCT14 OCT14 NOV
Thalassa Niki 0953-018W19 OCT21 OCT21 NOV

Fuzhou / Xiamen Updated: September 28 2017


VesselClosesSails from Fuzhou / XiamenFelixstowe
CSCL Atlantic Ocean 021W05 OCT07 OCT02 NOV
OOCL United Kingdom 001W12 OCT14 OCT09 NOV
CSCL Indian Ocean 023W19 OCT21 OCT16 NOV

North China Updated: September 28 2017

From Shanghai to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon ThursSails from ShanghaiFelixstowe
CSCL Atlantic Ocean 021W28 OCT03 OCT02 NOV
OOCL United Kingdom 001W05 OCT10 OCT09 NOV
CSCL Indian Ocean12 OCT17 OCT16 NOV
OOCL Hong Kong 003W19 OCT24 OCT23 NOV

From Qingdao to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon MonSails QingdaoFelixstowe
Ever Uberty 0386-132S02 OCT04 OCT09 NOV
Cosco France 022W09 OCT12 OCT28 NOV
Ever Union 0388-161S16 OCT18 OCT23 NOV
Ever Uberty 0389-133S23 OCT25 OCT30 NOV

From Ningbo to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon SatSails NingboFelixstowe
Thalassa Elpida 0951-019W30 SEP03 OCT05 NOV
Thalassa Tyhi 0952-017W07 OCT10 OCT12 NOV
Thalassa Niki 0953-018W14 OCT17 OCT19 NOV
Taipei Triumph 0954-002W21 OCT24 OCT26 NOV

Southern China Updated: September 28 2017

From Hong Kong to Southampton

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongSouthampton
Thalassa Patris 0235-020W03 OCT06 OCT16 NOV
Cosco Himalayas 002W17 OCT20 OCT30 NOV

From Hong Kong to Felixstowe

VesselCloses Noon TuesSails from Hong KongFelixstowe
OOCL Chongqing 020E03 OCT07 OCT02 NOV
CMA CGM T. Roosevelt 123UPE17 OCT19 OCT16 NOV

NOTE: The foregoing sailing dates are for imminent shipments, forward sailing dates are available upon request please call your local office or e mail

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