The Alliance Group offers a highly personalised, turnkey systems driven track and trace service that presents freight tracking information in real time via our ground breaking web application, ASG-TRAK©.

ASG-TRAK © is Flexible

The flexibility of ASG-TRAK© is what sets Alliance apart from the competition in this arena. The nature of the electronic data age that we live in has brought this system to life and enabled Alliance to maximise the efficiency of our customers’ supply chains, whether that be on imports, export or cross trades. We are passionate about working with our customers to establish what their requirements are and finding (often creating!) a solution for them, whether that be an EDI (electronic data interchange) link to bring forward data from our customers’ order/stock management systems direct into our systems or something as simple as the customer being able to see the status of their orders in real time whilst they are on the telephone to their consignee.

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Export Tracking

ASG-TRAK © enables both export shippers and end-user consignees to monitor the progress of all shipments booked with the group en-route from collection ex-factory to delivered destination the world over. This turnkey service provides all parties with real time notifications via email enabling our customers to remain abreast with the progress of their shipments accordingly, with no delay between the event taking place and our customer learning of it.

Notwithstanding these automated email notifications, our ground breaking ASG-TRAK © service allows our customers to login and view their shipments in real time via our website. The real time nature of the information available presents our customers with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of any potential issues and report anything deemed necessary back to their consignees accordingly thus enabling the shipper to remain pro-active in their customer’s eyes.

Transparency is the key to the success of the pioneering ASG-TRAK © service!

  • Real time (live) reporting enabling the shipper to act upon the information presented as swiftly as possible.
  • K.P.I. (Key Performance Indicator) reporting accessible via ASG-TRAK © enabling the shipper to measure the reliability of chosen carriers and pinpoint any service failures from the carriers they are utilising.
  • ASG-TRAK© is pioneering in the way that it presents information in accordance with each shipper’s individual requirements. Each tracking profile is completely tailor-made to the shipper’s requirements to ensure that the service operates at peak efficiency, benefiting the shipper and in turn enhancing their customer service to their consignees. Early communication of milestones and changes of status allows the shipper to notify their customer early, thus providing the consignee with first class customer service. Transparency is the key to providing our customers with the best service available.
  • Each shipper has a unique login to allow visibility of the data 24/7 (subject to routine maintenance)
  • The Group order tracking policy is to ensure that all parties are aware of the status of imminent orders through the free flow of data relating to the movement of goods, with staff being ever mindful of the fact that quality data supplied promptly to the Alliance local agent-designate enables them to maintain the optimum clearance and delivery service given to the consignees or buyers at destination rendering a truly seamless and transparent door-to-door service.

Import Tracking

Import order tracking is based on the same ethos of transparency and free flowing data exchange. The data is again presented in real time and notifications can be set up via email to ensure the customer is apprised of the status of every single shipment.

There are a few fundamental differences that we have identified with our customers:

  • Financial reporting: ASG-TRAK© allows our customers to view the value of incoming orders over any given set of milestones. Whether that be the value of goods that are currently “on the water” or “in the air” or the duty and VAT that will be payable upon import allowing our customers to accurately forecast cash flow projections. Indeed it can also produce reports of the duty and VAT paid over any given period of time.
  • Demurrage and Container rent avoidance: ASG-TRAK © provides our customers with the data to best schedule their deliveries (with our level of assistance entirely determined by the customer in question). We are able to track when demurrage and container rent starts, provide this information to our customer and work with them to avoid unnecessary punitive charges where possible.
  • Delivery scheduling: ASG-TRAK © can be used as a scheduling tool to assist our customer’s warehousing staff with impending deliveries. Reports can be produced daily/weekly to assist the customer with the deliveries for that particular day/week.
  • Purchase order management: ASG-TRAK © can be extended throughout the supply chain to assist with PO management and forecasting.
  • Ability to keep track of outstanding POs and completed purchases.
  • Query from a searchable database of POs
  • Improved transparency
  • Planning/forecasting will be more accurate
  • Accountability for delays will be identified easier.
  • Performance can be more readily measured.
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • Data available instantly and at any time by anyone
  • Buyers will have full visibility (instantly available to them) of their POs, arrival dates, financial information, and more.
  • Automated notifications of milestones, delays and events via email.

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Alliance is now in its fifth decade of operation a feat of longevity that only serves to underscore the integrity and professionalism of the Group and the high esteem in which it is held by its clients and suppliers both in the United Kingdom and on a worldwide basis.

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