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A specialist division for both regular and new importers from the Far East.

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Over 40 years of experience

The Alliance Group is proud that in four decades of trading it has assisted many thousands of first time importers in sourcing product from overseas points of manufacture.

For the uninitiated the rigours of order placing, terms of shipment, shipping and sailing schedules, customs clearance and VAT management often presents a major headache. Whether orders are shipped on ex-works or FOB basis or DDP, the Alliance team is here to guide new importers as to the most cost efficient and quickest mode of transportation and delivery.

Our Far East import team can assist you with the key elements of transport procurement from China offering the following services:

  • Door to door delivery of orders placed, ie. from clients factory(s) to designated U.K. delivery point(s)
  • Order tracking in transit to ensure timely delivery of client’s purchases
  • Updates as to current HMC import regulations, duty rates and applicable VAT regulations
  • Correct interpretation of HMRC tariff headings for correct ad-valorem rates to be applied
  • Assistance with EORI regulations

There are now a multiplicity of U.K. agents offering services from the Far East and often at cut price rates.  However, caution should be exercised in dealing with these companies because a cheaper price does not always equate to a fast and reliable transit time with delays in order consolidation and despatch at the point of emanation often compounded by the use of transhipment services en-route to the U.K.

The Alliance Group boasts:

Class “A” licenced agency representation within mainland China

Regulated and licenced representative offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok and all key Far Eastern ports and airports

Over four decades of Far Eastern trading experience

An extensive “Blue Chip” U.K. import client base with over four decades of import experience

Highly competitive sea and airfreight rates.

Please note: Unfortunately, we do not deal with private individuals or members of the public, this is a trade/wholesale website only.

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Contact the Alliance Group today to discuss your full shipping requirements with a member of our highly experienced staff call or email us direct on:

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Alliance is now in its fifth decade of operation a feat of longevity that only serves to underscore the integrity and professionalism of the Group and the high esteem in which it is held by its clients and suppliers both in the United Kingdom and on a worldwide basis.

  • Depots across the UK
  • Global network of over 200 reciprocating agencies
  • Extensive “blue chip” export and import client base

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